High efficient and reliable 10k ALL-IN-ONE Solar&Lithium Battery Energy System

Short Description:

ALL-IN-ONE Solar&Lithium Battery Energy System is a device that generates and stores electricity from the sun, it integrates the inverter, controller and lithium battery in to one case, which reduces the press of the transpotation and is more convenient.


  • Brand Name: VMAXPOWER
  • Application: industrial parks/communication base stations/ islands/military camp/ port power/ subway/ETC gate and other areas in lack of power as a backup power supply
  • Model Number: M-ESS
  • AC Input & Output Voltage: 220-240VAC / 100-120VAC 50/60Hz Optional
  • MPPT Controller: (Optional)0-150V
  • MPPT Recharging Current: 24V/48V/96V 60-100a
  • Output wave: Pure Sine wave
  • Warranty: 2 Years
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    Quick Details
    Place of Origin
    Guangdong, China
    Brand Name:
    Stored Power:
    Battery Capacity
    48V  500Ah
    CE,ISO 9001,ISO 14001
    2 Years
    Output waveform:
    Pure Sine Wave
    Rated Output Power:
    AC Input & Output Voltage:
    220-240Vac/ 100-120Vac     50/60Hz Optional
    Digital display
    Operation Temperature:
    -0 to 50C
    Protection Level: IP20/IP65 Optional

    Product Introduction


    The All-in-one system is composed of inverter, MPPT solar controller, LiFePO4 battery, BMS protection system, cabinet and other auxiliary components. It converts the sun's energy into electricity for our daily use and stores electricity in case of the emergent conditions.

    The Storage System

    The energy storage system is an energy storage system composed of inverter + battery + solar panel + other photovoltaic accessories, which sells electric energy/electric energy storage/electric energy backup to the country.


    ALL-IN-ONE Solar&Lithium Battery Energy System, factory direct sales, complete machine transportation, convenient to use, reduce the price difference earned by the middleman, save space, the cabinet is made according to your needs.

    Integrated solar & lithium battery energy system Details-INVERTER CONTROLLER

    Product Features


    ♦The priority supply sequence of Battery(DC) and Grid power(AC) can be set;

    ♦When the grid breaks down, smooth switch to this power source within 4ms and never cut off;

    ♦Built-in lithium battery, capacity from 1.2KWh-48KWh can be configured by the customers;

    ♦The system assembly is flexible, simple and diversified


    ♦APP intelligent control, remote monitoring and control (optional)

    ♦Connected to the power grid to realize peak-shaving and valley-filling, and self-use for spontaneous use;

    ♦Multiple communication equipment: GPRS, RS485, CAN*2 (for lithium battery), Wifi (optional).


    ♦Professional energy management system, three-stage charging function, compatible with different kinds of Lithium iron batteries.

    ♦The charging current can be adjusted according to various battery capacity;

    ♦Friendly man-machine interface, large LCD screen display;

    ♦It has long cycle life, stable power supply and high reliability;

    ♦Wide operating temperature range, high and low temperature performance;

    ♦IP20/IP65 protection grade is optional.

    ♦Small size and light weight;

    Easy to move

    12+ years experience

    R & D and patented product

    Energy saving

    OEM & ODM service

    CE, ISO, FCC certificate

    Dust prevention

    Strict quality management

    Integrated services

    ALL-IN-ONE Solar&Lithium Battery Energy System

    System Structure

    Inverter & Charger
    Lithium Battry
    Inverter & Charger

    The Inverter is an electronic device that converts low-voltage direct current into alternating current. It consists of inverter bridge, control logic and filter circuit. It Widely used in air conditioning, home theater, electric tools, sewing machine, DVD, VCD, computer, TV, refrigerator, video recorder, fans, lighting, etc..

    Lithium Battry

    LiFePO4  battery refers to the lithium battery which uses lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material.It has the advantages of good safety performance, long life, high temperature performance, large capacity, no memory effect, light weight, environmental protection and so on.


    Application scenario

    energy storage applications including industrial parks

    ■Industrial parks    ■Communication base stations    ■Islands    ■ Military camp  ■ Port power    ■Subway        ■ETC gate 
    ■Other areas in lack of power as a backup power supply

    Tips:Within 2 years after you purchase our products, we will continue to offer high-quality after-sale service. If you need something others, Please contact us.

    Technical Data

    System capacity
    Stored Battery 2.4KWh 4.8KWH 4.8KWH 9.6KWH 19.2KWH 24KWH 38.4KWH
    Battery Capacity 24V100AH 24V200AH 48V100AH 48V200AH 48V400AH 48V500AH 96V400AH
    Rated Output Power 2KW 3KW 4KW 5KW 8KW 10KW 20KW
    Inverter Parameters
    DC Voltage 24V 24V 48V 48V 48V 48V 96V
    AC Iput & Output Voltage 220-240Vac/100-120Vac 50/60HzOptional
    Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave
    Recharging Current 10-50A Adjustable
    Distortion <3%
    Power Factor 1.0
    Switching Time <4ms
    Lithium Battery Parameters
    Number of battery cycles 2000 times (100% DOD) / 4000 times (80% DOD) / 7000 times (50% DOD)
    Cell Type LiFePO4 Battery
    MPPT Controller (Optional)
    MPPT Voltage 0-150V
    MPPT Recharging Current 24V60A 24V60A 48V80A 48V100A 48V80A*2 48V100A*2 96V100A*2
    APP and LCD display
    APP Function Remote Monitoring And Control Function (Optional)
    LCD Screen Display invertercontrollerlithium battery data (optional)
    Installation Method Floor-standing
    Service life 10 Years
    weight 90kg 120kg 140kg 190kg 300kg 380kg 500kg
    Protection Level IP20/IP65 Optional

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    Package & Shipping

    Batteries have high requirements for transportation.
    For questions about sea transportation, air transportation and road transportation, please consult us.

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