Off Grid Soalr PV System

Off-Grid Pv System

System includes :Solar Module, Solar Array Box, Solar Charge Controller, Battery Bank, Solar Inverter Distribution Box.

It is very simple for the solar system, according to the principle of the Photovoltaic effect, using the solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity directly, the electricity will supply to the load directly, the excess power will be stored in the battery and it can support the load operation when it is night or rainy day.

Application Scenarios

Energy storage system, Off-grid photo-voltaic power generation system
It’s also known as energy storage photo-voltaic power generation system, it is mainly composed with PV modules, DC/DC charging controllers, inverters and various loads, having the functions of independent power supplying and energy storage. Off-grid photo-voltaic power generation system is mainly applied far from the power grid, such as remote villages, Gobi desert areas, beaches, islands and so on.

Residential photovoltaic power generation system
Can be widely applied to the individuals self-built sites of inclined roofs, platforms, carports, etc.

Industrial and commercial areas, industrial and commercial photovoltaic power generation system could be wildly used on the large scale of workshop colored steel roof,
large area of square platforms and Gobi desert, etc.

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